About Kelly

About Kelly

Kelly Del Rosso was born in Vancouver BC Canada in 1958. Since she was very young, she has had either a pencil or a paintbrush in her hand. As a teenager she attended art classes by Hubert Van Dremilin in Chilliwack BC, and in the late seventies she attended Fraser Valley College in Abbotsford BC. Here she studied painting under Mircho Jakabow and ceramics and sculpture with his wife, Janina Jakabow.

In 1984, Kelly moved to Bend, Oregon. During her residence in Bend she has been featured in various magazines/newspapers, and has shown her art across the Pacific Northwest. Explore her gallery to see her expressions of her vivid imagination and learn more about this dedicated artist.

Past features

Kelly's artwork has been featured in the following newspapers/magazines:

  • Cover page and feature in The Source Magazine, July 16 1998
  • Cover page of The Source Magazine May 9, 2001
  • Spotlight in AE Cascade Arts and Entertainment May 2001, Volume 6, issue 5.
  • Interview and write up in page 10 of The Sunriver Scene, May 2001 Volume XXVII number 5.
  • Cover page art and featured artist of the inaugural issue of Cascade Reader, January 15, 2002